Maturacá, Brazil 


Destination nº8. 

Maturacá lies in the protected indigenous area of the Yanomami people that stretches over the Alto Rio Negro region of the Amazon. It was a dive into untouched and exhuberant nature, where the same nature seems to stretch its limbs to its full potential, and humans live happily connected to it.

Floriza Pinto lives inside the Amazon rainforest by the river Maturacá, near the Brazil-Venezuela border. She is of the Yanomami tribe and the youngest member to take part in the Wisdom Council. In her culture, existence is based around nature. Because of that, Floriza holds a deep appreciation of the beauty of her home and its surrounding nature. She also believes that nature has the same rights as human beings and needs to be treated with a respect that has been lost in the modern world. Although she never left the Amazon, she notices the negative impact of western influences in her environment, like illness created by industrial foods and younger generations being disconnected from their cultural traditions and Nature.

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