Libreville, Gabon 


Destination nº13. 

Gabon is home to the Bwiti tradition, and Master Atome Ribenga is one of its most recognized elder. 

A country covered in the tropical rainforest of the Congo river basin, it is also known as the "Tibet of Africa" because of its large amount of Bwiti iniates and temples all over the country. We also visited Bitam near the Cameroun border, where Master Atome started practicing.

Maitre Atome Ribenga has been a consecrated priest in the Bwiti tradition for 50 years. Through his studies of monotheism and theology he discovered his life’s mission - helping people to reconnect with the spirit and the divine within themselves. In full humility, with inexhaustible curiosity for the cosmos, his teaching gives people an opportunity to learn on their own, through direct experience. Therefore they can discover their inner truth and not a written one.

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