Kathmandu, Nepal 



Destination nº6. 

In quiet alleyway of Boudnath, a suburb of Kathmandu, we met Master Aama Bambo. A tireless healer that receives a constant flow of people from all walks of life who come for a cure. They sit patiently in her room, sometimes all morning, waiting for their turn. 

Aama lives and works in Kathmandu. Her father was a revered shaman in the Nepalese Tamang tradition and initially restricted Aama from practicing shamanism, as this role was forbidden from women. After his death, the spirits and other deities started visiting and teaching her. Her patients travel from around the country, as well as India and Tibet to her house in Boudhnath, where she treats around a hundred patients each day. Every morning at 4 am she begins her day with prayers and offering to nature, spiritually cleaning her house from the bottom to the top, ending her prayers on her roof at sunrise.
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